Be Careful: 41 Questions That Make You Think Hard

So many times you have played the wonderful game of 20 questions with your friends and had a great time discussing the fun and mischievous questions. But, how many times have you included those questions in the game that are thought provoking and make you consider and evaluate life? For most of you, the answer would be ‘never’ or ‘never really came up with such questions that make you think.

This is understandable because, in terms of questions that make you think, we never know where to start or how to start, and even how to continue. There is no denying the fact that coming up with thinking questions that make you think hard is also something that needs some deep thinking and considerations of life and its many facets.

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13 Thought-Provoking Questions that make you think
8 Philosophical Questions to think about
11 Mind Trick Questions to make people think
9 Deep Questions about life

Surely, by now you are considering asking some of the thought provoking questions in that next game of twenty questions with your friends. Well, fret not, as you do not need to rack your mind too hard to come up with the appropriate questions. To ease it all out for you, we have come up with a list of 41 questions that will surely make you and your friends think long and hard before answering.

The best lists of questions that make you think for you and your friends. For wise use only.

These 41 deep thinking questions are all you need to add some soul-searching and deep conversations with your friends or your partners. The only thing that you need to make sure is that the time, place, and the people involved in answering these questions are just right. This list of questions to think about offers the perfect opportunity for you to have heart-to-heart conversations with someone that will forever be etched in the memory of both of you.

In fact, we would say that you should also ask these deep questions about life to yourself as it will help you to know the inner self much better. You might even get to know the person, whom you are asking these questions, in a way that you never would have thought before. So, enough said, now let’s get on with our list of thought provoking questions.

13 Thought-Provoking Questions that make you think

Thought Provoking Questions
Thought Provoking Questions
  1. At what point would you feel that you are good enough?
  2. What is the source of beauty and inspiration in your life?
  3. When was the last time that you tried something new or innovative?
  4. Do you have someone in your bucket list with whom you compare yourself?
  5. What are the most sensible words uttered by a person that you have heard personally?
  6. What are things about life that make you feel excited and enthusiastic?
  7. What are the lessons that the darkest hours of your life had taught you?
  8. If you were taken back to the times of your childhood, what are the things that you wished to have done?
  9. Do you think tears represent only weakness and vulnerability?
  10. If there would have been no one to judge you, would you have done the same things that you do right now?
  11. Can you make the difference between living and existing?
  12. If you are given an opportunity to teach, what would have been your choice?

Have ever counted on the things that make you smile and if yes, what are those?

Philosophy is a branch of study that deals with matters that go deeper into the senses. It is said that science, being one of the most logical parts of knowledge gradually transcends into the stream of philosophy as it advances. No matter what you study, if you dig deep into the inner meaning of anything, you arrive at a rational solution of it, and thus, philosophy can be regarded as the core of knowledge that surrounds us. In our daily life as well, there are multiple questions that can be asked which ultimately relate to the mystic strings of philosophy. The phenomenon which is hard to be explained through the measured tools of science, sometimes finds explanation through the systematic, logical and critical approach of philosophy that makes it one of the most important subjects dealing with profound wisdom. Philosophy necessarily means a cerebral exercising with questions that make you think. The thought provoking questions of philosophy make a person think beyond the conventional interpretation. The thinking questions mostly ignite the power of assessment and evaluation of anything and everything that we see in our daily lives. If you are ready to face the questions that will make you think, it is likely that you will get closer to the attainment of wisdom.

Thought Provoking Question

The questions enlisted here reflect the deeper sense regarding the meaning of our very existence on the earth. The concern of whether or not there exists life after death is surely one of the questions to think about and the human race has always been keen to know the mystery of life after it comes to an end.

The deep thinking questions enable us to explore the horizons beyond the tangible reach and open an opportunity to include something new into the territory of knowledge. Hence, the deep thought questions related to philosophy are of much importance when it comes to an understanding the mystery of nature and the universe that we live in. Our very existence and the galaxy finds a new way of interpretation through the mystic explanations of philosophy. However, it has to be kept in mind that every question that churns your brain can have a different answer as the way to look at life and things vary from one to another.

8 Philosophical Questions to think about

philosophical questions
Philosophical Questions
  1. Is there anything called life after death?
  2. Do you believe that God really exists?
  3. Can it be confirmed that our universe is real?
  4. Is there anything exist like a free will?
  5. Can anything be experienced objectively?
  6. What can be regarded as the best moral system?
  7. Why do we have something instead of nothing?
  8. What is the real meaning or interpretation of numbers?

11 Mind Trick Questions to make people think

The mind is the powerhouse of possibilities and it is in our minds that the limitless potentials remain hidden to be explored. The more one churns the brain, the better and sharper it becomes over time. Hence, it is important that you keep on churning and tricking your mind with questions that make you think.

If you indulge in some thought provoking questions, they will act as nutrients to your brain making it more agile and alert. The more you practice the mind tricking questions or the thinking questions, the better your possibilities are to adapt to innovative ideas.

Mind trick questions
Mind Trick Questions

The questions that will make you think are always those that trick your mind and reflect something out of the box that compels you to think beyond the familiar limits. Here we give you some questions to think about which will be fun, entertainment and experience for you. At the very first glance, the questions might appear to be confusing, but if you take a patient look with a focused mind, the answers will surely pop up in your head.

There are many deep thinking questions that can be used as the brain exercisers that lend the brain agility and efficiency to perform. It also helps in meditating and concentrating as thinking over a question means going deeper into it without getting diverted at any point of time.

Practice as many deep thought questions as possible to keep your brain active and alert. The following list will make you think beyond the convention and will also make for a fun list of questions that you can use to make your evening get-together with friends entertaining.

  1. What are the two things that you can never have in your breakfast?
  2. What is the word that always gets spelled incorrectly in the dictionary?
  3. Which object does not ask a question but always get answered?
  4. Which word starts and ends with an “e” but carries only one letter in between the two e?
  5. Is it possible to have a boat full of people with no single person in it? If so, explain how is that possible?
  6. What is more supreme than God, more demonic than the devil and if people eat it, they will die?
  7. Site an object that has a face along with two hands but does not have any arms or legs.
  8. In which way can someone’s pocket be empty and still has something inside it?
  9. Can you name a thing that you can hold without even touching it?
  10. Which five letter word gets shorter as you add two more letters to it?

Two daughters and two mothers went to have some snack. Each of them had a pastry. But, only three pastries were consumed. How is it possible?

Humans have been finding the true meaning and purpose of life since times immemorial. When the very first instance of civilization was found, it was also revealed that people have always been wondering about the mysteries of life and death and the natural phenomenon of the universe like tides, eclipses, lightning, flood, etc. Most of these they did not understand as they were not aware of the reasons behind such incidents and feared them all. They questioned about the natural occurrences but found no answer to them.

These questions that make you think even today have been bothering humanity for thousands of years. Science has provided with logical explanations to many of the above-mentioned questions, but there still remains million such which are still waiting to be answered.

deep questions

These thought provoking questions acted as the cradle to the inventions that propelled the progress of time and history. If you ask for the frequent-most thinking questions, they all relate to life and its mysteries.

The questions that will make you think revolve around the greater existence of the universe beyond our knowledge and material world. The origination of life on Earth and its evolution to reach the present day species have always remained as one of the most mysterious questions.

There are ample questions to think about which relate to various aspects of life and universe that unify the chord of existence with each other. Be it the fundaments that rule the world, the dimensions that explain the tangible shapes, the stars that we see in the night sky, the reason of the creation of the universe, the idea of reality, or the celestial bodies with similar appearance but different characteristics, deep thinking questions attempt to answer each of them. In most of the cases, where the answer is not an established fact, the answers given to the deep thought questions vary from one another. Here is a list of questions that might compel you to take a plunge into the ocean of unknown to pick the pebbles of wisdom.

9 Deep Questions about Life

  1. Is there anything that lies beyond the visible limits of the Universe?
  2. Is big bang really the start of the story or there was something more prior to it?
  3. We all are aware of the three dimensions that shape the visible world. But is there any other dimension as well beyond the conventional three?
  4. Does your perception of the reality match the perception and experience of the others?
  5. What was the mystery behind the evolution of life on earth?
  6. Sun is way bigger than the moon in reality. But, both appear to be the same in the sky. Have you ever thought of the reason for being placed at a distance from the earth that made them look precisely of the same size?
  7. Is there any trace of life in the outer galaxies as well?
  8. Who is responsible for your destiny?
  9. Do you have any idea of how the apocalypse will appear to be?

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