Best 14 Disney Trivia Questions and Answers for Kids

Disney, with all its variety of amazing and endearing characters, has been something that we have all grown up with. However, it will be wrong to say that Disney is a thing of our childhood only, since, we still love to watch all those heartwarming movies.

Be it Moana’s quest to revive her island, Princess Elsa becoming the fearless queen, or the cute antics of Mickey and his gang, we can watch these movies time and again and not get tired. In fact, these are not just the movies that people have watched as kids, but also, the movies that people have watched with their kids! The appeal of Disney is eternal, and, the ideals of bravery, love, solidarity, and courage that the movies teach us is something that is etched in our minds forever.


Keeping that in mind, answering and asking some of the Disney trivia questions can be a great way to have some fun, with your kids or your friends. It will also take you back to the days of your childhood and help you reconnect with the child in you. So, without any further ado, let’s get on with a couple of Disney trivia questions and answers to test your knowledge and jog your memory.

7 Disney Princess Trivia Questions and Answers

The Disney princesses have always been our favorites, with their kind hearts and their thoughtful deeds. From the Sleeping Beauty waiting for her true love’s first kiss, Cinderella finding her Prince Charming, to the brave Belle who found happiness in the most unusual ways, we have rooted and cheered for each one of them. In fact, Disney has come a long way from making movies only on Princes saving the damsels in distress to Princesses who are heroes in their own might. So, let’s start this list of Disney trivia questions and answers with a couple of questions on the famous Disney Princesses.

1. Who is the prince of Princess Aurora?

Starting the quiz with a classic, in Sleeping Beauty, released in 1959, Princess Aurora is engaged to a prince as a child. Her father, King Stephen, and the prince’s father, King Hubert, agreed that the children would be married when they come of age. You might think that it’s not much of a considerate move for the children. But since the prince ends up saving her at the end, we would say it’s a good decision on their part. And the prince was Prince Philip.

2. What was the name of the pet of Jasmine in Aladdin?


Like many other epic adventures of Disney, Aladdin also depicts its central character, Aladdin as a common man with exceptional courage, wit, and kindness. In his quest of treasure, he traveled places that were hardly known to him and came across a princess who charmed his young mind. Jasmine, one of the remarkable characters of the Arabian Nights stories, had a pet too. Yes if you remember, this charming young woman who stood by Aladdin throughout his journey adored a tiger. And the name of her pet tiger was Rajah.

3. What was the name of Alice’s Kitten in Alice in Wonderland?

It is hard to find a child, who has not been bewildered by the adventures of Alice in her Wonderland. As kids, all the girls had the idea of slipping through a rabbit hole to reach the land of wonders where nothing follows the mundane. Though the story revolves around the incidents and happenings in the Wonderland and the course of it, Alice meets a number of people with good as well as odd intentions, but she finally helped the good queen to win over the bad queen establishing a reign of benevolence. But, in reality, Alice had a pet kitten at home. The name of the Kitten was Dinah.

4. In which event did Ariel meet Prince Eric?

We all remember the mesmerizing tale of the Little Mermaid that introduced Ariel to the Disney lovers and made her one of the most popular characters of Disney. The sweet, adorable, fun-loving, charming, beautiful, and brave mermaid met her prince charming at a special event. It was a birthday celebration that was going on the ship when Ariel met Prince Eric.

5. Who is the youngest Disney princess?


This Disney Trivia Question might leave you in a dilemma as all the Disney princesses look young and energetic. Most importantly, it is the art of telling the story and the subjects involved in them that makes the illustrations lively and the princesses seemingly younger than they are according to the books. Hence, predicting the youngest surely remains a hard task unless you know exactly how old they were. For a hint, it is the princesses who charmed us with her beauty during the early phases of Disney animations, and the one had her hair as black as ebony and her lips as red as a rose. Yes, it is none other than Snow White who was a 14 years old girl in the story.

6. What is the name of the princess who was inspired by a real character?

Most of the Disney Princesses are fictitious and forbids any resemblance with real persons. But, there is a character in Disney that reflects the courage and emotions of a real world lady who has been depicted as one of the most popular characters in the Disney stories. Primarily a love story, this tale substantiates the power of love in the face of adversities. The male voice was given by Mel Gibson for Capt. John Smith. If you got the clue, the answer is Pocahontas.

7. What is the name of the princess with Hazel Eyes?


Every character that Disney defines has its individualism and uniqueness. Though all the princesses are gorgeous, kind, beautiful, helping, giving and brave in nature, the look defines each separately. The hair color, the eye color, the dimples on the cheek, the complexion and the dresses, every little detail is always kept in mind when Disney infuses life into a character. There are princesses with velvet eyes, black eyes, brown eyes, blues eyes, and hazel eyes as well. But, there is only one princess who was given the outstanding hazel tone to her eyes may be to see through the visible beauty. Belle from the beauty and the beast had her eyes fabricated in hazel.

7 Hard Disney Trivia Questions and Answers

Let us now have a quick look through some of the Disney trivia questions and answers that might be a little tricky and would require you to think twice. Here are seven Disney Trivia Questions that will prove whether you are a dedicated watcher of the Disney movies or not.

1. What is the name of the author who wrote one of the greatest classics made by Disney, The Jungle Book?

The Jungle Book is a name that remains associated with the childhood memories of every child and is the first probable encounter with nature and its rules for most of us. Watching the movie still gives the same excitement that you got from the very first watch. No matter how many times one watches the movie, it never gets old or seems repetitive. Like many other classics of Disney, The Jungle Book too has stood time tested with its easy flow, adventures, action-packed climax and bits of knowledge about our surroundings. The main book from which the story was adopted was written by Rudyard Kipling, the creator of Mowgli.

2. What was the place called where Mufasa lived with his family?

An undisputed leader, a mighty king, and a kind father, Mufasa is the roaring lion that comes to your mind when you think of Disney’s all-time hit Lion King. A story that goes beyond human values and entails the animal kingdom with the string of the very existence is this. Whether you are watching a child or with your kids, the emotions, the struggles, the pain, the love, the hate, and the victories will equally move you. One of the essential parts of this story is the place where the king’s family lived. It was a rock nestled at a height that reflects the supremacy of the king over others. Yes, it is the Pride Rock where the king lived.

3. Do you remember the number of eggs, Gaston ate in the timeless classic of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast?

It is not only the heroes but also the villains who are essential in shaping up a story that will attract millions and help them to relate the story with real life. A fairy without a bad guy can hardly be thought of, and in many cases, children remember them more than the heroes. Gaston is the bad guy with enormous appetite, cruelty, self-pride, vanity, and greed. He was the one who wished Belle to be his partner for life but harassed her father when things went against him. To maintain his strength and health, Gaston ate five dozens of eggs every day.

4. From where was the Mulan’s story inspired?

Folklores, fables, fairytales, fictions, and stories have been the dominant source of inspiration for the timeless creations of Disney. An offbeat in the gamut, the story of Mulan was inspired by a real story and not a fiction. There actually was a character that resembled Mulan, and the animated character was given its identity following the traits of the real person. If you have any idea of it before, it would not be a tough Disney Trivia Question for you. The ancient legends of China unleash the existence of a Chinese warrior named Hua Mulan. There also remains a verse called ‘The Ballad Of Mulan’ from where Disney has taken the idea of the story.

5. Which of the Disney princess had the biggest eyes?


Every Disney princess had bright and cheerful eyes. The color and the shape of the eyes of every princess varied from one another but the spirit associated remained the same. It is said that eyes are the mirrors of the mind and so has been the depiction of eyes for every character of Disney. If you have noticed in details, some had broad eyes whereas some had regular eyes matching the pursuit of the character. Do you distinctly remember the princess with the biggest eyes? As a clue, she was the one to possess the longest hair too. It is none other than dazzling, dramatic and adorable Rapunzel from the Tangled.

6. Who was the quietest Disney princess?

Most of the Disney princesses have been observed to talk a lot and to be cheerful in nature. But there is one exception to this rule and the character has only 18 minutes duration of screen presence with 18 lines of dialogues bestowed to her. You might feel pity for her but that was the demand of the story. Can you now figure out which princess it could have been who remained silent for most of the times during the movie? It was The Sleeping Beauty or Princess Aurora who is the quietest princess of Disney with most of her time spent under magic spell not uttering anything.

7. Which Disney Movie was the last to have Walt Disney to officially oversee it?


Walt Disney is the name that has remained connected with every individual who had grown up watching the extraordinary tales of Mickey and Donald. The Disney family continues to charm the young minds and the adults as well with its creativity and expert treatment to the timeless stories. It’s unfortunate that Walt Disney is no longer with us. However, The Jungle Book was the last movie he glanced through after it was done.

The Disney trivia question and answers will almost take you to a stroll through the world of fiction and excitement that has been a significant part of your childhood. We hope that you have had a good time taking this Disney Trivia Questions. We always value your valuable comments and suggestions. Kindly provide suggestions and feedback to help us serve you better.

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