Top 30 Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl: Surprise Her with Tips

The idea of flirting has always been controversial ever since the beginning of time, and it still is. However, the twenty-first-century generation takes the art of flirting quite positively and enthusiastically. Even the medical world is stating that there are immense mental and physical benefits entailed to flirting but it should be the right kind of flirting. Flirting is known for stimulating your mind, improving your overall look, lowering stress levels and even boosting your self-esteem. Flirting is not just the forte of men but women are also into it with full conviction these days. However, this article shall help to discuss the top flirty questions to ask a girl and raise her interest in you in the right and respectful manner.

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Surprise her with the best flirty questions in every situation
Top 10 flirty questions to ask a girl over text
10 Best flirty questions for the question game like “21 questions”
10 Awesome flirty questions to ask your girlfriend
Flirty Questions Tips

There is a fine line between asking the right flirty questions and the wrong flirty questions. Most men tend to miss out on this fine line and end up getting the opposite consequence to their noble intention. If you have experienced such a mishap before, you don’t need to back off from it completely. You can simply use certain tricks and tactics to get it right this time. Be it you are single trying to get the attention of the intended woman or you are already in a relation, the sweet and the right kind of flirting can always keep the charm and charisma high in your relationship or would-be relationship. The best way to acquire information about the woman you like is to opt for ‘flirty questions to ask a girl while playing 21 questions’ strategy.

Surprise her with the best flirty questions in every situation

Best Flirty Questions Every Situation
Best Flirty Questions Every Situation

Yes, this goes out to all the struggling men out there who are trying to inject some feel-good factor into their trial of impressing someone special. Women actually enjoy it when men talk sweetly to them or in a little sensual way to them every now and then. Everyone enjoys slightly extra attention and it is more relevant when it comes to women. So when you are trying to get the attention of somebody make sure you do not miss any suitable opportunity and use everyday situations to surprise her. There is a saying, that ‘people may forget who you are but will never forget how you made them feel!’

So making her smile and kindling that twinkle in her eyes once in a while is never a bad or regretful idea. Flirting does not only mean verbal indications. You can also express yourself through cute body languages, adorable facial expressions, writing a sensual text, praising her about any quality in her and asking her flirty questions to get her more involved.

If you are looking for some really attractive and flirty questions ask your girlfriend, you do not need to go through pages of advising books, overthink the nights or Google a hundred dating tips sites. Here, you will get everything streamlined at a single point of source and you will also get practical tips on how to place the questions in real life. It is fully understandable that reading the questions somewhere and asking them in reality especially to the woman you love are two different things, and it can be quite a challenge for you. But you need not worry as you will be informed about every detailed tricks and tweak to master the art of good flirting. If you are in search for naughty questions, then the list of ‘100 flirty questions to ask your girlfriend’ will come in handy.

As mentioned earlier, there are several forms of flirting but the most effective way is to ask flirty questions. It is simple straight-cut and you can surprise her almost at every scenario you come across. It will eventually become a part of your personality and you can apply it anywhere. Further, in this article, you are going to go through some of the flirty questions to ask a girl and tips, but they indicate or involve no intentions of hurting or harming an individual’s feelings. They are well-researched and carefully framed to help you act out your noble intentions just in the right and effective way and make the woman understand you and your feelings appropriately.

Top 10 flirty questions to ask a girl over text  

Flirty Questions Over Text
Flirty Questions Over Text

Not to say that you do it in an emotionless or robotic way and prepare the flirty questions to ask your girlfriend accurately, but having a running list in your mind of a few interesting questions will be a smart move. Safe and interesting questions will help you keep things heated up and kill boredom or monotony which is some of the leading reasons for ailing relationships. Listed below are the top ten courteous yet interesting flirty questions to ask a girl that you like and willing to impress. There are also brief descriptions available under each question with few instructions on how to act them out in real life and respective reasoning.

#1. Do you mind if I call you by a special nickname that no one calls you with?

(This is a really special one and will influence your lover’s psyche positively)

#2 Are you a tea or a coffee person, also may I have the honor to know, a kisser or a coddler?

(This question shows her that you want to know all aspects of her and you are interested in the small things about her. Also, it is thrown n a very indirect way and will make your girl think for a second before she answers. )

#3 Oh wait, did I tell you that you look extremely pretty, actually gorgeous this morning?

(This can be one of the sweetest and adorable question plus compliment ever, and there exists no woman on earth who won’t like it. This is an absolutely safe question and you can go ahead and throw this with full conviction)

#4 Can I be lucky enough to be a part of your coming weekend plan?

(This will instantly make her feel valued and respected and that is the foremost thing that a woman will look for in your words. By asking this, you are giving her a direct proposal in a sweet and flirtatious way to join her in her free time or any special occasion and this will definitely make her feel special)

#5 It’s hard to believe, how on this planet are you still single?

(This will literally sweep her off her feet but make sure that you use the right tones while you ask the questions. Make it clear that you respect her choice to be single and happy and you are just throwing this question as a compliment that how is possible for a wonderful person like her to still not date a lucky man! So you can add not a few tailing sentences of your choice to it.)

#6 If we had the chance to travel almost anywhere right now, what’s that one place you would like to go with me?

(This question can turn out as a true occurrence any day and can be quite exciting. This question is perfect for your girl if she is into traveling and enjoys going places. If her answer was feasible, you could actually surprise her by taking her to the particular place later sometime)

#7 What do you wish to wear for our first date? Let me get it for you.

(Now, nothing can be more special than helping her decide and buy what she is going to wear for the first date. Most women struggle with this venture brooding on what you might like as they take a serious responsibility of impressing you as well. So just help her out and be the ultimate man)

#8 So, what turns you on the most about a guy?
(This is a question you should ask a woman you know for quite a few days or a month as this is kind of personal. If you are asking it to someone new, this can offend her and you don’t want that.)

#9 Girl, have you been working out or was it me? You look slimmer and glamorous than the last time for sure!

(Same goes for this question. This is a really witty and sweet question and you can only ask this if two of you are really close or in a relationship)

#10 What came into your mind when you saw me for the very first time?

(This question will take her back all the way to the memories of when she first saw you. Everyone likes sliding back to those precious old moments, going through the texts and albums that leave a good and positive nostalgic feeling. So take the chance to ask this question and stay tuned for compliments or any discovery about yourself that had been in her mind all along.)

If you have gone through these questions carefully, you will notice that they are not too tacky that would disrespect a lady and neither too boring that would make her ignore you. They are tactfully crafted to help a man show utmost respect to his woman but at the same time throw some darts wrapped with a layer of sensuousness and affection. Not bad right? So don’t hesitate to use them as your lover’s bow to get the attention of your precious target this season and add a romantic edge to your love life.

10 best flirty questions for the question game like “21 questions”

Best Flirty Questions
Best Flirty Questions

Blurting out the naughty questions, at any time or place, will make you look like a creep. If you want something positive out of the interaction, then ask the right questions, at the right time. If the girl likes you back, then you can take the liberty to go for the naughty questions via texting. A fine line exists between being naughty and nasty. Make sure you don’t cross that. If you are a novice, then these are some flirty questions to ask a girl over text:

#1. Have I mentioned that I have never met a person as amazing as you?

(It is a cheesy line, and is best used after you get to know the girl a bit. That way, she will understand that you have put some effort into it.)

#2. Will you tell top three things always annoy you?

(Girls try to create a mystery around them. They love it when they see boys showing interest in them. This question helps the hapless chaps to get the information easily. When a girl tells you about the things that annoy her, you better not forget it.)

#3. Are you in the mood for some fun now?

(It is one question that will always feature on the list of “flirty questions to ask a girl over text.” It generally works best for couple and not for those who are just getting to know each other. If both parties are in the ‘mood for some fun’ then they can indulge accordingly.)

#4. Do you always come up with such fun things to say?

(Boys will go to any lengths to bring a smile on the faces of their lady love. While texting, you can flatter or pamper her with such complements. These will ensure another date very soon.)

#5. What are you wearing now?

(This question is for those couples who are already in a relationship. The heart wants what it wants. If you want to get naughty with your lover, then send her this text after a bit of romantic chat and pampering. Positive reply is guaranteed.)

#6. Will you let me kiss your hands next time we meet?

(After a long series of chats, when you two finally decide to call it a night; end it on a sweet note, if you are in the dating phase. Asking this question will give you a clear indication of how she sees you. If she says ‘yes’ then you can think about taking the relation to the next level.)

#7. Is it ok if I kissed you?

(If both parties are on the same page, then it is the right time to send this question via text. In case it offended her, you will be safe from her slaps. On the other hand, you will get some kind of a reaction.)

#8. What turns you on the most?

(Sending this question via text makes it clear to the girl that you are interested in her not ‘just as a friend.’)

#9. Have you ever slept without any clothes?

(If your friend is bold, then it is safe to ask this question. Otherwise it will be unwise to take this chance. If you have already graduated to a relationship, then you can ask this question to spark up some passion.)

#10. Will you like to cuddle with me?

(It is more of a symbolic question. Boys, who are serious about their relationships generally, ask these questions. You can be rest assured that your girlfriend will not send a “no” to your proposal.)

10 awesome flirty questions to ask your girlfriend

Awesome Flirty Questions
Awesome Flirty Questions

Whether you are looking for flirty questions for the question game, or trying to get more mentally and physically intimate with your girlfriend, you must make the move gently. Making haste, about ‘flirty questions to ask’ will only make you seem like an impatient person. This is a great turn down for the ladies.

#1. Do you see me in your future?

(This question is definitely for those body, who want to pamper, flirt and care for their lady loves, all at the same time. The question ensures a smile on the face of your girlfriend, and she will gladly give a befitting reply.)

#2. Would you strip in front of me?

(Physical intimacy has a pivotal role to play in flirting. This question will make her blush for sure. You can expect an answer that will depend on the comfort level that you two share.)

#3. Do you ever imagine me without clothes?

(As the man in the relation, you need to take care of the passionate requirement of your beloved. Asking this question is not only flirting. She has definitely imagined you in your birthday suit. If she tells the truth, then you will know that she too nurtures the desire to be with you.)

#4. What would you prefer – dominant or submissive?

(This question is directly related to the sexual preferences of your girlfriend. If you truly care about her sexual satisfaction, then you will strive to give her what she craves for. Otherwise, there is no point in raising her expectations by making this query.)

#5. What is your sensation when I touch you?

(Another common question that features on the ‘flirty questions to ask’ list is this. It is imperative that you ensure that your girlfriend is ok with you touching her every now and then. This question will make your relation stronger and worthy.)

#6. Which is your favorite pose during making love?

(It is a very straight forward question. The information will not only allow you to break the ice about sexual matters, but will also help you to please your girl when the right time comes. It will also aid the girl in the process of shunning her inhibitions, if she is shy.)

#7. What is your favorite color?

(Though it is seems like a rather innocent question that has nothing to do with flattery. But pros know that it has everything to do with sexual flattery. Both boys and girls can ask this question to their lovers. The inquiry is regarding the color of underwear the girl/boy is wearing.)

#8. Don’t you think the dress covers you too much?

(If your girlfriend is comfortable, you can make positive and fettering comments about her body. But taking a different route will add more spice to the game of love.)

#9. Is it possible for me to get enough of you?

(Boys, desirous of flattering and flirting with their girlfriends will strike gold with this question. The girl will not only love the importance she is getting, but will help in taking the game ahead.)

#10. What do you think will happen if we were in the same room, alone?

(If you want to steer up some passion and lustful thoughts in your girlfriend’s heart, then this is an appropriate question. It will seamlessly make its place on the list of flirty questions. It will ignite the dormant passion, and she will reveal her desires. But you need to take it slow, when you are already in a steady relation. Not all girls are equally bold, and you may get an unexpected and negative reaction.)

Flirty Questions Tips

Flirty Questions Tips
Flirty Questions Tips

All the questions, mentioned above, will give both boys and girls an idea about the flirty comments, which they can make or expect. But the best tip is not to cross the line of decency. The rule applies for both girls and boys. It is best to judge the girls from their behavior. Observing this will help the boys to use the best flirt question, or pickup line that will create a positive impression.

There is a time and place for everything. Not all parties and get-togethers should be treated as your hunting grounds. If you are among mutual friends, then you can take the first step. Even if the girl does not respond initially, she can get your number or details from mutual friends, if your overall attitude impressed her. Ditching the provocative questions will be a good idea. You can use then once she starts taking interest in you. That will take around three dates. Completing three successful dates is a sign that the girl is thing about it too. It is best not to force anything on the girl. Let her take her time. It allows the girl to be comfortable around you. Statistics suggest that most of the hurried relations end up badly.

Lastly, every boy needs to respect the decision of the girl. If she says no, then it is best to leave her alone. Circling around her will only irritate and annoy her. Instead of creating a positive impression, she and other girls will look down upon you. It will ruin all your chances of success. Respecting a girl is the best way to make your way to her heart. Treating them like an equal will also play out to your advantage. Keeping these points will improve your flirting game and success rates substantially.

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