Top 39 Wicked ‘Truth or Drink’ Questions to Embarrass The Party

Too much work and not enough relaxation will steadily deplete your level of effectiveness. It is something that the youngsters live by. Whether you are in high school, college, university or a working professional, you need to take some time off your daily routine, and relax. There is no better way to hang out with friends and have a party. But booze and animated chit-chat will not be enough to set the real party mood. Beer pong is a common game and will not increase the tempo as you desire. Thankfully, there are other party games, which will not only attract the attention of the people, but will bring out their dark playful side as well. The ‘truth or drink questions’ are such weapons, which will compel people to tell the naughty things they have done. In case they don’t answer, at least you will succeed in getting them drunk.

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How can the truth or drink questions help to rock the party?
List of 13 “Truth or Drink” Questions to Ask
Wanna help someone to get drunk? Here are the most raunchy ‘truth or drink’ makes people choose shots
Top 13 Drinking Game Questions
Bonus: “Truth or Drink” Couples Questions
Top 13 Sexual Truth Questions

How can the truth or drink questions help to rock the party?

13 Truth Or Drink Question
Party Question

99% of the people are aware of the ‘truth or dare’ game, as it is one of the most popular games that students play during their school days. ‘Truth or drink’ is an updated version of the game, which is best played in adult company. Adults have a lot many skeletons in their closets. With the help of the drinking game questions, you will be able to bring out these secrets in light. Apart from getting the participants drunk, these questions will surely make them blush. If you are playing this game with friends, and the comfort level is high, then you can expect the secrets to come crawling out. Even if a person tries to avert the questions, then after a few drinks, they will eventually open up, and the others will have a gala time.

The main advantage of playing this game is it will suit all people. You will be able to come up with intriguing questions, which will make the single candidates blurt out their hidden truths. But if you want to involve a pair of lovers, then you will have to use the ‘truth or drink couples questions.’ But be careful about what you ask. It is wise not to ask anything that will create awareness in the party. The party is to mingle with old and new friends and have a fun time. Very intimate or rude ‘truth or drink questions’ can sometimes pave the path for bitterness among the individuals.

This game is perfect for parties as it combines two most important elements, which form the lifeblood of the party – booze and spicy stories. The party will be rather bland if you don’t have interesting stores to accompany the drinks. The psyche of people prevents them to talk about their ‘naughty misdeeds.’ Provide them the specific nudge, and they will come clean, no matter how embarrassing the truth is. After a few drinks, the inhibitions become a tab bit weak. As the resolve weakens, people readily answer to the drinking game questions. It will not only make the party atmosphere charged up, but will give several opportunities for earth-shattering laughter.

List of 13 “Truth or Drink” Questions to Ask

13 Truth Or Drink Questions
Truth Or Drink Questions To Ask

It is not easy to come up with questions, which will generate laughter. If the questions are boring and stupid, then people will lose interest to take part in the game. So, the host or the coordinator of the game must take some preparations in advance to rock the ‘truth or drink’ event. If you know the people personally, then you will have an upper hand in making the list of questions. If you don’t have this advantage, then you have to come up with a list of general questions, which will apply for most of the participants. Here are some questions, which will set the mood in place:

1. Have you consumed any drugs and passed out?

(It is rather simple question, and most people will not shy away from answering this question. In anyone has not done any drugs, then he/she can just answer accordingly.)

2. Which porn do you like watching?

(It is best to start the game with comfortable and easy questions. Hitting the hammer too hard on the very onset can trigger a fear in the hearts of the participants. Let them get comfortable with these questions. You will get ample opportunity to bring out your bigger weapons later.)

3. Who is the person in the room about whom you will fantasize tonight?

(It looks simple and innocent enough. But an expert understands that the game will become serious here on. With this question, you will be able to start a session of sexual truth questions, but will also get to know if people are nurturing some inappropriate fantasies about another person in the room.)

4. Do you lie to your significant other, when she tries on a dress and asks “Am I looking fat”?

(Most boyfriends have to go on shopping with their girlfriends, and wait for hours outside the trial room. It will bring back those memories, and they will either have to drink up or tell the truth.

5. Who, according to you was worst in bed?

(This question will fetch answers from some, while if their worst bed partner is in the room, then they will have to tilt the glass.)

6. Have you slept with someone other than your girlfriend/boyfriend?

If you want to tighten the noose around the throats of flirty girls and boys, then this question must appear on the list of truth or drink couples questions. Telling the truth or gulping down the drink will pave the path for intense tension between the couple. So, most people might just lie to get rid of the hassle.)

7. Which kinky thing turns you on?

(Another question that will guarantee some gasps and laughs from your pals is this question. It is not a taboo to have kinky fantasies. So, be brave and accept your kinky fantasy. Some of the others’ fantasies may leave you dumbstruck.)

8. Have you has sex in your car?

(This is rather plain and will not discourage people to come out with their sexual escapades.)

9. Are you a member of the “mile high club”?

(It is a way of asking if anyone has had sex while traveling in an airplane. If you have done it, own it with pride.)

10. Give us your magic number?

(This question is associated with the number of guys/girls you have slept with. If you have a number, then you can choose to share it. Otherwise….bottoms up!)

11. Do you have a disgusting habit?

(Clearly no one wants to come out with their disgusting habits in front of others. This question allows you to identity such people.)

12. What turns you on the most?

(No one will choose to drink to avoid this question. The bright side is your secret admirer will get a lot of info about your sexual preferences.)

13. How long did your dry spell last for?

(This question is also sexually indicative. It actually means that how long has it been since you has some action in bed. For the studs, it can be rather embarrassing.)

Wanna help someone to get drunk? Here are the most raunchy ‘truth or drink’ makes people choose shots

Raunchy Truth Or Drink
Raunchy Truth Or Drink

If the game coordinator is intelligent, then he or she can come up with questions for couples and otherwise, which will force them to take a sip. For instance questions related with infidelity are often dreaded by both male and females. Another question that will guarantee a sip is having imagined another girl/boy when the person was with his/her significant other. Additionally, questions on having sex with member of same gender will also encourage straight individuals to take a big gulp.

Questions, which are associated with legal matters, can also encourage people to choose the booze. If any person has been associated with any crime that no one knows of then the individual may like to keep it that way. Queries about the use of sex toys and outrageous activities in bed may be a source of embarrassment for some. When they take a sip, you will know that they have a dark secret. These questions will place people in a tricky situation. Before playing the game, participants must keep aside their judgmental attitude. It is a fun game, and must be played in that manner.

Judging anyone is not right as we all have something hidden in our secret closet. If done in the proper manner, then all your friends will be tipping on their heels due to high level of alcohol in their blood. Playing this game with friends will bring back the college dorm room memories, when everyone used to crash on the floor after binge drinking. Next time you arrange a party, play the raunchy question game with your friends, and see how they enjoy it to the hilt.

Top 13 Drinking Game Questions

Drinking Game Questions
Drinking Game Questions

You do not get to enjoy a drinking party every now and then life is too much loaded with work pressure, personal life responsibilities, daily life chores and way more. But when that night comes, you just want to nail it and make the best out of it, don’ you? Well, we all want to. But often some of us tend to get a little awkward and uncomfortable when we are in a huge group drinking and just doing not know what to say. This problem would be even more relevant if you are an introvert and don’t go to parties often.

But don’t you worry, the questions that you can already see neatly listed below are going to help you snatch the attention of everyone in the party ad actually impress them!  The truth or drink questions to ask are prepared to not only inject a lot of fun in the party but also know each and every person in an in-depth way. These questions will help every individual present at the party get involved deeply and grow connections with each other.

Also, this will be really fun to play when you are a little buzzed on your drink and you are definitely going to enjoy it! The truth or drink questions to ask does not intend to invade anyone’s privacy, so it is safe to make sure that you know the person to some extent to whom you are asking these.

  1. What is the most awkward thing you have ever done after you were drunk?
  2. Have you ever secretly stolen someone’s Wi-Fi passcode in a party place?
  3. Who have been your best drinking buddy till date?
  4. Who in this room would you like to help you make your drink?
  5. Do you like a fruit salad with your drink or cheese cubes?
  6. Did you ever have a regretful epic drunken night?
  7. Are you a beer person or a vodka-whiskey person?
  8. What is the coziest and comfiest bar you have ever been to?
  9. What was your very first drinking experience like?
  10. Have you ever helped a friend clean his/her puke after heavy drinking?
  11. Have you ever ended up falling head straight on your face on the road on a drunken night?
  12. Did you ever run out of cash in a bar?
  13. Do you enjoy drinking alone or with friends or strangers?

Bonus: “Truth or Drink” Couples Questions

Couples Questions
Couples Questions

Now, these truth or shot questions are exclusively meant for couples. Whether you are old or new in a relationship, you are a newbie in the whole thing; you can surely throw these cheesy questions at your partner. However, make sure that you are close to quite an intimate level or some of these questions might make your partner feel uncomfortable. You are the best person to decide whether these questions would be right to ask your partner.

But if you think you guys are comfortable enough to ask these questions, they will work like magic to stimulate the mood and situation and add an edge to your drinking session. The truth or shot questions are quite popular is played by couples alone I weekends and even couples cherishing their drinks in groups. Irrespective of any occasion you are in, you can use this amazing and simple game to add a fine tune to your precious evening and become the most interesting and charming being on earth in the eyes of your partner. These questions are prepared for both men and women to ask each other so go ahead and get some idea on the sizzling questions!

  1. Did I ever give you a gift that you actually hated yet pretended to like it?
  2. Is there any secret fetish of yours that I should know about?
  3. What does your parents really think of me?
  4. When have I last given you the best orgasm?
  5. If we ever split up, who do you think will dump who?
  6. If you found a treasure box, where would you choose to hide it?
  7. What are some of the things that you want to change about me?
  8. Who is the first person you will call when you are in deep trouble?
  9. What show would you enjoy watching with me the most?
  10. What is your idea or opinion about a relationship?

Top 13 Sexual Truth Questions

Sexual Truth Questions
Sexual Truth Questions

Well, taking about sex can be considered as an awkward concept, but it can be really important at some point in time for couples to know each other better. Everyone has some unique needs and requirements that can be hard to express when it comes to sexual needs. But the truth or drink questions list is an excellent medium to reach to the core of the mind and heart of your partner and make the most out of your drinking session. This game will not just keep boredom or awkward silences out of the door but also act as an effective tool to explore each other better.

With this extremely interesting truth or drink questions list, you can actually find out a lot about your partner and make paths to satisfy him/her in a better way next time which will only enhance your relationship. Whatever it is, the best part about this game is you can do all of it in a fun and subtle way which otherwise would not have been possible. Take a look at the questions and prepare yourself for the interesting session waiting ahead for you.

Where do you like to get kissed the most?

  1. What is the longest time you have spent without a partner? How did it feel?
  2. What position do you enjoy the most?
  3. Do you prefer me to be on top or vice-versa or both at turns?
  4. Are you a slow mover and enjoy foreplay or do you enjoy being all hasty?
  5. What is your most weird sexual fantasy?
  6. What was your worst love making experience till date?
  7. Do you enjoy sex in the morning?
  8. If you ever get a chance to make love in the car, what car would you choose?
  9. Who is your ultimate dream man in the celeb world?
  10. What kind of porn do you usually watch?
  11. Do you use toys when alone? How many do you own?

Truth and drink are gaining more and more prominence with the rolling of time. It is a simple game that anyone and everyone can participate in and you need zero props to play it. There is just one rule entailed with this game, and that is the answer cannot be given in a yes or a no. It has to be elaborated and the speaker has to be honest when answering a particular question in the game.

However, this game is appropriate for a group or couple where people knows each other well and would not judge anything on the basis of their answer. This game can be made really interesting by the person who is asking the question as the level of the game can be taken higher and higher with the type and pattern of questions.

You can use some really simple, close-ended starters and then proceed to much more intense and deeper questions and choose the open ended ones to encourage them to give long, interesting answers. Also, when the participant selects the truth option they need to promise that they are not going to lie unless it is something utterly personal.

If someone chooses a drink, they have to take a sip or go bottoms up. But this came can be played in many versions and the rules changes accordingly. Some people also prefer to play it like the ‘never have I ever game.’ So a question shall be asked entailed with ‘never have I ever,’ and the people who have done such a thing before shall take a sip of their drink while the ones who have not will just raise their hands or give a ‘no’ sign. This involves interesting questions and you can play it like that too.

To wrap up, this game is now being considered a much better version of the truth and dare game. This is because it suits a lot of plays belonging to different age groups as the questions can simply be altered. Be it teens, millenials or young adults, all of them can enjoy this game and it is, in fact, a whole package of fun, exploration and yes a little bit embarrassment. Everyone enjoys some mixed attention in a crowd or gathering and this game manages to give you all. Don’t hesitate to use the above questions to be the limelight in your next party and get the night rocking for every head present there.

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