Top 40 Dirty “Would You Rather” Questions: Be Cool

‘Would you rather’ is not a new game to be played among the partners and friends. In fact, it is an amazing game that you can play to get to know people better than ever. Whether you are partying with your close friends or on a first date, the game can create great moments of fun, laughter, and shock. There’s never a dull moment when friends or couples sit together for a game of ‘would you rather.’

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While it is always fun to play the game with friends, there’s something about the dirty would you rather questions that makes the game even more exciting. Many people choose to keep it clean when it comes to this game, and that is probably a good idea when you are playing with someone that you barely know. You do not want to alarm the person with would you rather dirty questions. However, once you are comfortable with the person and want to get closer to him/her, you can throw in the curveballs, set your own rules, and bring out the dirty questions!

What makes the Would You Rather question game fun?

Question Game Fun
Question Game Fun

‘Would you rather’ is a fun game to play with your friends, partners, and even family. But, it is even more fun when you can think and have a few would you rather dirty questions to ask your date or your partner. This is because the game does not end at asking what the person would choose but also the reasons for choosing that option.

It is the reasons that people describe for giving the answers that makes the games interesting. The would you rather dirty questions are one of the best ways to make things interesting because it reveals a side of the person that you have never seen or might not have known even if you had not played the game. After all, who would have known your girl was so secretly passionate if you had not asked her if she wants to do it on a beach or on the Jacuzzi. Maybe this can even give you some ideas on where to plan your couple trip next. *wink*!

However, you need to tread carefully when asking dirty questions. It is best to keep such questions aside for the times when you are really comfortable with the person. You would not want to creep out a person whom you have just met by asking him/her something like “Would you rather have multiple partners or one partner for the rest of your life?” That is would u rather dirty question for a later date and a safer time.

Begin with something fun and casual when you start playing would u rather dirty questions with your love interest. Make things dirty and naughty when you are sure that the person would not mind answering such questions.

Warning! Dirty “Would You Rather” Question Game Needs:

Question Game Needs
Question Game Needs

As mentioned before, you cannot start asking all the dirty would you rather questions to anyone and everyone and anytime that you want. There are certain elements that can make the game fun for all the players, and, they are:

A sense of humor: A damn good sense of humor is one of the must-haves when making the game of would u rather questions dirty. You will not have fun playing it with a buzz kill who takes it all too seriously. Play with someone who can have a good laugh at the questions that you pose and also gives equally funny reasons for the answers he/she chooses. It keeps the players interested and the fun never stops!

The right time: By time, we do not mean whether you should play it at night or day, or only at parties. You can basically start playing would you rather dirty version anytime you want but make sure that the person is in the mood to play, and, after you have taken your time to get to know a person. It goes without saying that you should not start with would u rather dirty questions at the first date because then, you run the risk of that person never picking up your phone ever again!

The right place: It is not really safe to ask all the dirty would you rather questions at any place. You do not want the judgmental glares from those around you when you start discussing the questions out loud on a café or a restaurant. You will get too conscious or too awkward to continue the game any further. Start playing the game when it’s just the two of you and there is no awkwardness all around. Or maybe, you can both play the game of would u rather dirty questions at night when there’s quiet all around and no need to hide from anyone.

A damn good company: A good company can make or break the game of would u rather questions dirty. You need people who will not shy away from answering would u rather questions dirty, and even, explaining the reasons behind their answers. It is an added plus when the person is ready to have a good laugh about it all, and, does not even mind posing a few naughty would you rather questions of his own.

Now that you know all about the company, time, and place of playing would u rather questions dirty, it is time to move on to some of questions that you can ask.

Dirty and Naughty Questions for Couples

Questions For Couples
Questions For Couples

Now that you have all the tips about the game at your fingertips, let’s get down to some of the questions that you canask your partner to get naughty with him/her.

  1. Would you rather have multiple partners or one partner for the rest of your life?
  2. Would you rather fantasize about someone secretly or confess your fantasies to the person?
  3. Would you rather watch a guy on guy video or a girl on girl as a turn on?
  4. Would you rather watch something erotic or read something erotic to turn on the heat?
  5. Would you rather keep the lights off or on?
  6. Would you rather pay to have sex or get paid for it?
  7. Would you rather have sex with your best friend or mine?
  8. Would you rather be on top or like me to be on top?
  9. Would you rather have sex at night or in the early morning?
  10. Would you rather have sex after the first date or just end it with a French kiss?
  11. Would you rather have romantic sex or go for the kinky variety?
  12. Would you rather send dirty texts and pictures or talk dirty on the phone?
  13. Would you rather make love in the Jacuzzi or do it on a beach?
  14. Would you rather play with ice cubes or melted wax?
  15. Would you rather make love at the backseat of a car or the corner seat of the movies?
  16. Would you rather make your partner dress up as an exotic dancer or a sexy doctor?
  17. Would you rather have a hickey or give a hickey?
  18. Would you rather belch while you kiss or fart while sex?
  19. Would you rather get a dry mouth or sweat profusely in your bedroom?
  20. Would you rather do it in 100 degrees or in 32 degrees?
  21. Would you rather wrestle naked in chocolate pudding or in a Jell-O pool?
  22. Would you rather give up control or take control in the bedroom?
  23. Would you rather do it on the grass or on the sand?
  24. Would you rather get a massage with maple syrup or peanut butter?
  25. Would you rather only have sex on the floor or in the shower for the rest of your life?
  26. Would you rather lose the sense of taste or feeling during sex?
  27. Would you rather kiss Katy Perry or Rihanna?
  28. Would you rather be caught nude in public or never be nude in your life?
  29. Would you rather send a dirty text to your mom or to your boss?
  30. Would you rather make out in complete silence or dirty talk in a foreign accent during sex?
  31. Would you rather not be able to touch during sex or see during sex?
  32. Would you rather cuddle in your bed or in front of the fireplace?
  33. Would you rather be caught on the camera naked during a live telecast or let a naked picture of yours become an internet meme?
  34. Would you rather get scratches on the back or have your hair pulled?
  35. Would you rather have sex only with the last person you did it with or with the first person you did it with?
  36. Would you rather give an oral or get an oral?
  37. Would you rather let me make the first move or make the first move?
  38. Would you rather get caught by your in-laws or by your mom?
  39. Would you rather indulge in an extended foreplay or get down to it from the first?

Would you rather date a hot girl/guy or an average girl/guy with a great personality?

These are just forty ideas on questions you can ask while playing would you rather game dirty. The fun truly begins when you can give your own spin to these questions and even come up with a few of your own, depending on the person with whom you are playing.

Rules of would you rather game with an example

Game With An Example
Game With An Example

The simple rules of the game can be broken down as such:

Select the player: You need at least one more player for this game. You can also play all these dirty would you rather questions game in a small group with your closest buddies. In this case, say you chose your partner.

Choose who would go first: Select the person who will go first, and, let him ask you a ‘would you rather’ question with two choices. For instance, she/he can ask ‘Would you rather make love at the backseat of a car or the corner seat of the movies?’

Select an answer from the options: You will have to choose one answer according to what you would rather do if you are ever met with such a situation. Suppose, you chose that you would rather make love at the backseat of the car.

Explain the reasons for the answer: There is no definite rule that you will have to come up with an explanation as to why you would rather make love at the backseat of the car. But, you can be assured that the other player will have a big ‘why’ written all across his face. So, it’s better to explain your answer and get on with the game.

Set the time limit: You cannot take the world’s time in answering the questions because the fun lies in those spit second answers that you come up with. The shorter the time limit is kept, the more pressure is on the players to come up with an answer.

Ask your questions: Now that you have answered the question, it is time for you to ask your question. Keep it spontaneous, fun, peppy, and definitely naughty!

Keep the similar options together: This is more of a tip rather than a rule. It is harder to choose an answer when you keep two equally good or bad options together. So, think a while before you ask your question.

Having said all that, there are no hard and fast rules to this game and, you can make up the rules of good would you rather questions dirty while you play along. So, that’s it! That is everything you need to know about the game along with some ideas of naughty would you rather questions for couples. Want to add more to the list? We are all ears! Let us know below.

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