The Unforgettable Wedding: Entertain Your Guests with a Wedding Shoe Game

Wedding receptions are meant for fun as the most stressful part of the wedding, which is “the wedding day” is now finally over and friends and family can indulge themselves in some fun time. Not only does it involve cakes and refreshments, but also a lot of games and dancing. Wedding games are a way to ensure that the couple and the audience are having a good time. The easiest of these games is the Wedding Shoe Game.

If you have never heard of the Wedding Shoe Game then let me help you here a little. This is a game played by the bride and the groom after their dinner and drink party is done during the reception. Two chairs are placed on the ground or the dance floor, facing back to each other. The couple is supposed to remove their shoes and trade it with their partner. The trade is done in a way that each one of you is holding one of each pair. Once both of you are placed properly, any one from the family will begin the game by asking questions.

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The questions are supposed to be short and crisp so that it is easy for the couple to answer them. They should be light-hearted and fun, nothing too serious. Remember the goal is to ensure that everyone is having a good time. Usually, the questions are prepared beforehand by a family member (most preferably the bridesmaid) so that the couple has no idea of what these questions are. Wedding Shoe Game can be played on reception parties, engagement parties, bridal shower parties or other commitment ceremonies.

The wedding game questions prepared by a family member are more relatable as they have long known the bride and the groom. But, it is not possible for a family member to take out time and prepare questions during the wedding. This is the reason I have made a list of fun and quirky questions that you can add to your list of wedding shoe game questions.

Common wedding shoe game questions for bride and groom

Common Wedding Shoe Game Questions
Common Wedding Shoe Game Questions

So, once everyone has enjoyed the dinner and drinks and are in a jovial mood, go ahead with the game. If you want you can give the questions to the DJ so that he can ask it over the Mic.

  1. Who is more mature in this relationship?
  2. Who has more siblings?
  3. Who took the first step to talk when you guys met for the first time?
  4. Who is better at studies?
  5. Who looks better after dressing up?
  6. Who look better naturally?
  7. Who is better at keeping surprises?
  8. Who decides where to go for dinner?
  9. Who is more dominating in this relationship?
  10. Who likes to make fun of the other all the time?
  11. Who is more likely to reach on time?
  12. Who can never reach on time?
  13. Who is better at keeping the house clean?
  14. Who throws the garbage every day?
  15. Who is better at cooking?
  16. Who sneezes all the time?
  17. Which one of you has more number of clothes?
  18. Who is most likely to make the dinner every night?
  19. Who is more likely to do grocery shopping?

Who is more active on social media?

Financial/money shoe game questions for bride and groom

Financial/money Shoe Game Questions
Financial/money Shoe Game Questions
  1. Who spends more money?
  2. Who works the hardest for their job?
  3. Who earns the most?
  4. Who gives a generous amount of tip?
  5. Who is responsible for spending a lot of money?
  6. And in turn, who pays all those bills?
  7. Who handles the account of all the expenses?
  8. Who shops the most?
  9. Who spends the least amount of money?
  10. Who is great at bargaining?

Personality wedding game questions for bride and groom

Personality Wedding Game Questions
Personality Wedding Game Questions

Who is more likely to do the dishes every day?

  1. Who is more messy and clumsy?
  2. Who has a loud voice?
  3. Who has a better sense of humor?
  4. Who cracks the lamest jokes and laugh at it too?
  5. Who likes to keep things organized?
  6. Who makes the bathroom dirty more often?
  7. Who is more mature during fights and serious situations?
  8. Who likes to exaggerate things and make a fuss out of everything?
  9. Who is more creative when it comes to giving gifts?
  10. Who likes drama more often?
  11. Who behaves like a big baby when they fall sick?
  12. Who is better at giving presents?
  13. Who is better at giving and keeping surprises?
  14. Who is better at taking care of their skin and body?
  15. Who likes to stay fit and works hard for it?
  16. Who is more likely to apologize first after a fight?
  17. Who screams a lot when scared?
  18. Who is a cry baby while watching sad romantic movies?
  19. Who is more stubborn?

Habit bride and groom question game

Habit Bride And Groom Question
Habit Bride And Groom Question
  1. Who is more likely to get up early in the morning?
  2. Who is not a morning person?
  3. Who cannot start their day without having a cup of coffee or tea?
  4. Who is more into eating healthy food?
  5. Who is a big foodie and eats a lot of junks?
  6. Who does the household chores frequently?
  7. Who takes more time inside the shower?
  8. Who is a better performer (dancer/singer)?
  9. Who likes to keep their belongings clean?
  10. Who is more likely to brush their teeth twice in a day?
  11. Who takes a long time to get ready?
  12. Who is more likely to keep secret a secret?
  13. Who spends a lot of time surfing on the internet?
  14. Who rash drives and gets a lot of traffic ticket?
  15. Who forgets where they keep their belongings?
  16. Who watches TV shows or movies the most?
  17. Who binge watches TV shows?
  18. Who is more likely to make the breakfast daily?
  19. Who tries to stay fit and healthy?

Who is the craziest and more likely to dance on the streets?

Relationship bridal shower shoe game

Relationship Bridal Question
Relationship Bridal Question
  1. Who admitted their love first?
  2. Where was the first time you guys met?
  3. Who first had a crush on the other person?
  4. Who was panicking the most for the big day?
  5. Who is a better singer and performs for their partner more often?
  6. Who is better at kissing?
  7. Who initiated the first kiss?
  8. Who proposed for the marriage?
  9. Who likes celebrating monthly anniversaries the most?
  10. Who is more likely to hog the bed?
  11. Who introduced the other person to their parents first?
  12. Who remembers anniversaries and important dates?
  13. Who is most likely to forget about important occasions?
  14. Who loves the other spouse more?
  15. Who is more vocal about their feelings?
  16. Who is more understanding?
  17. Who popped the question first?
  18. Who gives the most amazing hugs?
  19. Who will always have the final say in an argument?
  20. Who is more controlling while watching TV?

How to play the Wedding Shoe game?

Wedding Shoe Game
Wedding Shoe Game

The Shoe game is a very common game played at wedding receptions. But, if you haven’t seen or heard about the game yet I am sure you will encounter one very soon. Let’s take a quick look on how it is played:

  • Bride and the groom are made to sit on chairs that face back-to-back somewhere in the middle of the dance floor.
  • They are supposed to remove both their shoes and trade it with their partner. The bride is supposed to have one of her shoe and one of her spouse’ and vice-versa.
  • Series of questions will be asked to both, the bride and the groom simultaneously. The answers have to be either “the bride” or “the groom”. For example, if the question is “Who spends a lot of money?” and if the answer is the bride, then both will have to pick up the bride’s shoe.

The game usually lasts for about ten to fifteen minutes and a series of thirty to forty questions are asked. It is a fun game which is played for the only purpose of making the audience and the couple laugh. These questions can be prepared ahead of time and to make the game even more fun, you can ask the audience and guests to shout the questions. Now that you have a plethora of ideas for the wedding shoe game questions, the next time you have a wedding at your house, you can be all set for it. These were just a few shoe game questions for your help, but you can add more personal ones to it and make the game even better. Make sure whatever it is, don’t forget to enjoy and have fun in the process.

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